Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Write Like Ernest Hemingway - Are You Up To The Challenge?

Some people claim the best story Ernest Hemingway ever wrote was written in six words....

"For Sale: Baby shoes - never worn".  
Those six words speak volumes!

Well, what started out as a challenge to a few engineers here at VMI netted a couple of gems of our own.  And here they are - 

"Silly humans: big brains, small thoughts". - DD
"California dreaming: free living. Bankruptcy".  - RM
"California living: Clean environment, “No trespassing” - also by RM

Are you up to the challenge of writing a story in six words?


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  1. What an interesting challenge! I would have to think quite a while for this one.

    I was just recently introduced to Hemingway by reading The Sun Also Rises. I did a recap of what I thought of the book here: