Monday, June 21, 2010

Voltage Multipliers and Social Media

Social Media (SM) has been around for a while now. 

Part of my job is to find ways to incorporate SM - Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube - into our general media plan. 

I must say I find the concept very exciting, but not exactly easy.  Most people think of SM as, well, social, rather than business. 

B2B companies are lagging behind in the adoption of SM.  Less than 50% of big corporations have a blog or Facebook account.  I am proud to say VMI has both. 

On the other hand, SM could be a great way to build a community based on high voltage design.  Think of the possibilities!  Customers could interact directly with engineers, or even other customers.  We could discuss problems and solutions, possible alternatives, new technology, old technology.....How cool would that be?

Sales and Sales Reps could get in on the action too.  With a blog and Facebook at their fingertips, no more checking emails or worrying about who was or wasn't copied on the latest correspondence. 

As a blogger and SM newbie, please forgive my zealousness.  Should you opt in to VMI's blog, we promise to protect your privacy.  We won't sell your info and we won't bother you with multiple daily posts.

So do me a favor, please....Subscribe to VMI's blog now.

Respectfully yours,


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