Thursday, August 19, 2010

High Voltage Power Supply Product Review

VMI makes a wide range of high voltage power supplies available in large and small packages. Below is a brief summary…
XRS Power Supply

Portable X-ray Power Supplies

Compact and lightweight, the XRS family is designed for portable X-ray applications.

Output voltages are -40kV and -50kV, and up to 10W of power.

CRT Power Supplies – CRS080G40 and CRS120G40
CRT Supply with Anode Connector

These are PCB mounted power supplies with anode style connectors. 

Available in 8kV and 12kV, both power supplies operate on 15VDC

CRS110 and CRS180
These are fully enclosed, have higher output voltages and currents, and feature wire terminations.

 Applications include CRT displays, sensors, and delicate equipment..

Output voltages are 11kV and 18kV; the output current is 550uA max.

LP6 HeNe Laser Power Supply
HeNe Laser Power Supplies 

The LP6 family was designed to power HeNe lasers.
It supplies a Start Voltage of 6W at 10kV, and works off of a 5V, 12V, 15V, or 24VDC input.

It is rugged, lightweight, and features high efficiency, and low ripple voltage and current.

HVP Industrial Power Supply

The HVP family features industrial size power supplies encased in NEMA 12 enclosures. Output voltages range from 50kV to 125kV.
HVP125 Power Supply 

Power supplies are available in positive or negative output voltages, and can deliver up to 250W.

For more info on standard power supplies, visit VMI's High Voltage Power Supply site.

Custom designs available.  Contact us.

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