Monday, April 16, 2012

Latest Solar Storm 2012

Great article by Jeffery Bausch on the latest solar storm happening RIGHT NOW, and five things you need to know.  Think they won't bother you?  Think again.....They might, especially is you use the Power Grid, or land based phone lines. 

Solar storms can effect -
  • Satellites
  • GPS devices
  • Space shuttle and space station activities
  • High-altitude polar flights
  • Electric power distribution
  • Long-line telephone communication
  • HF radio communication
  • Pipeline operations
  • Geophysical exploration

Photo credit:  NASA/SDO/AIA taken March 10, 2012

In the photo above, an active region has been moving from left to right since March 2, 2012.  So far it has generated three X-class flares and numerous M-class flares. 

The disturbances are electro-magnetic in nature.  Diodes and other components can be radiation hardened - meaning they're not as susceptible to EM pulses.      

Have you noticed anything different in your electronic or electrical devices since March?

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