Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Deer-in-the-headlights Freeze

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I know I need to make a blog entry, but I have a confession to make. I have had ‘writer’s block’ for going on two weeks now. 

To make matters worse, not only have I been suffering from writer’s block, I cannot even come up with a suitable topic to write about. Maybe if I could do that, I could create a reasonable blog post! 

(Care to share your ideas on potential voltage multiplier, high voltage component blog posts?  Is there something you'd like VMI to address???). 

Blogging is important in making and keeping business and social connections.  It is a wonderful avenue for providing better information to our customers.  That knowledge, combined with the anxiety of being stuck in time, can really, really, really create a lot of pressure, ya know?

Of course you know what I'm sayin'!  Most all of us experience external pressure from time to time – some of us more often than others. I am lucky in that most of the stress I feel is self-inflicted by way of artificial deadlines, impossible (or nearly so) goals, sleep deprivation, and over-scheduling.  

This entry doesn’t have much to do with engineering, high voltage diodes, or designing new power supplies, except it does have things in common with life in general.

Sometimes we need to take time to sharpen our sword, to take the pressure off, to take a breather…..all in the hopes that we’ll come back sharper, stronger, and healthier than before.

Here’s hoping that the next blog entry will be tied more closely to high voltage diodes, power supplies, and life in general.

How do YOU get over your fear of the blank, white page, or the design deer-in-the-headlights freeze?

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