Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Opto-Diode or Opto-Coupler? OZ100SG or OC100HG? What's the Difference?

Sometimes people stop at the first word they encounter in a phrase and call it good.  I know I did for a while.  The phrase “opto-coupler” had been stored as ‘opto-something’ in my brain because the only opto-anything I’d ever worked on was an opto-coupler.  So when VMI came out with an opto-diode, it took a little while to adjust.
I knew I wasn’t the only one to experience difficulty with part numbers when several colleagues responded sympathetically as I hopelessly mixed them up in various internal and external correspondences.  To their credit, the Sales department was very patient with me.  Was it an OZ100HG, or OC100SG?  I knew I had the “100” part right, but that was about it. 
For the record, the correct part numbers are OZ100SG, and OC100HG.  Here’s a breakdown of what the part designators mean -

OZ100HG 10kV high voltage optodiode
OZ100SG - 10kV Opto-DIODE
The OZ100SG is a stand-alone opto-diode.  “O” stands for “opto”, “Z” indicates the body size; “100” stands for 10kV Vrwm, and “SG” indicates Vf, Ir, and Trr, are identical to the discrete, glass body Z100SG diode. 
On the other hand, the OC100HG is an opto-coupler, as indicated by “OC”.  It has a Vrwm of 10kV as evidenced by the “100”.  “HG” stands for “High Gain”. 

OC100HG 10kv high voltage, high gain, optocoupler
OC100HG - 10kV Opto-COUPLER
Another important distinction is package size.  The OZ100SG is much smaller since the only thing in it is a z-body, multi-junction, high voltage diode that has been specially passivated and is super sensitive to light.  The diode is over-molded in an optically clear compound.  The OZ100SG has two terminals – anode and cathode.

The OC100HG, on the other hand, contains an opto-diode of sorts, and two LEDs that serve as an integrated light source.  It is much larger than the OZ100SG.  
Got all that?  No worries if you don't.  Just give us a call.

·         OZ100SG – 10kV opto-diode
·         OC100HG – 10kV high gain opto-coupler
·         Z100SG – 10kV high voltage diode

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