Friday, November 22, 2013

High Voltage Turkeys and Holiday Catalogs

Maybe the same thing happens to you.  Since the beginning of November, my mail-box has runneth-over with mail-order catalogs!  Every day two, three, four, or more catalogs are delivered.  

Holiday Catalogs

There are basically two categories of catalog mailings.  Some are from companies I have actually placed orders with before, in which case case they seem to amp up the rate of their delivery.  Sometimes it's as frequent as one every two or three days.  The second category is that of companies I have never ordered from, but are similar to companies I have ordered stuff from.

One year I collected all the covers of all the catalogs I received between November 1st and November 30th just to see how many I'd get.  I put up a big sheet of 36" wide butcher paper and pasted all the catalog covers on it.  When I filled that strip up, I added a second one, and then a third.  By the time my "art piece", entitled "Chri$tma$, was completed, it required three strips of floor-to-ceiling butcher paper and covered an area of 108 sq. feet.  I keep that in mind when the catalogs start showing up in the mail.

It's a major mystery to me how they got my mailing address!  Okay, not really, but I AM surprised at how SOON they got it.  I have not been at my current address very long, and when I moved I made a 'clean break' of it, meaning I discontinued some subscriptions and culled the mail-order catalogs (this was during my return-to-brick-and-mortar purchasing habits phases when it seemed local stores were threatened by the rapid rise in Internet purchases).


Of course since then things have mellowed out again, but there is something to be said about buying local. For instance, the other day I noticed the oranges I'd purchased were from Australia.  I have nothing against Australia whatsoever, except that I happen to live in the biggest citrus belt in the WORLD!!! "Why", I asked myself, "am I buying oranges from half-way around the world, when it's orange-season right now?!"  The answer is, "Because that is what was available in the grocery store that I happened to be shopping in, and I needed oranges".  Sheesh!

High Voltage Turkeys and High Voltage Diodes

In the U.S., Thanksgiving is less than a week away.  Next Tuesday afternoon VMI will be distributing holiday turkeys to each and every employee just like they have for at least the last 23 years I've been here.  It's their way of making the holidays happier for everyone, including temporary and part-time employees.

And it is greatly appreciated!  Turkey, high voltage turkey, is part of Voltage Multipliers, Inc.'s holiday tradition.

I don't know what exactly high voltage diodes have to do with turkey, except that happy employees make for quality products, and quality products make for happy customers, and happy customers make for happy employees.  

Here's hoping your Thanksgiving holiday is a happy one!  

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