Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sweet Consequences in High Voltage Manufacturing

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Lately it seems the word "consequences" has a negative connotation.  Well, such is not the case this time!  This time, the consequences are sweet.

September 2014 turned out to be VMI’s biggest booking and shipping month EVER (knock on wood).

Everyone worked very hard to make it happen. I mean everyone – the folks in incoming inspection, production assembly, production testing, diode assembly, diode testing, potting, maintenance, engineering, QA, sales, shipping, machine shops, drafting, purchasing, accounting, HR, management and non-management alike.  From the guys and gals who empty the trash and clean out refrigerators, to production support engineers, to lead-people, temp employees, and shift supervisors.   

As is customary at VMI, the first Friday following a record-setting month, VMI provides pizza and sodas for all during the (extended) lunch hour.  For everyone.     

This Friday we can celebrate our success and prosperity with a full belly and smiles all around.  It's a great way to lead up to the weekend, no?

Go Team!!

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