Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Z50FF3LLHT - 5kV, 200C, 30ns, High Voltage Diode for Harsh Environments

Harsh environments can be tough to operate in, especially in downhole oil and gas industries.  Diodes are often used in the well logging side of things, in the control circuitry.  Even in that application (as opposed to being on the drill head), managing key material characteristics such as leakage current, and maximizing thermal transfer characteristics in packaging, can be challenging.  Active cooling is not always possible or practical.

At a geothermal gradient of about 25°C/km, things get heated pretty quick.

Enter VMI's 5kV, 200C, 30ns Z50FF3LLHT  diode.  It has been optimized to get the heat out, and because the diode body is ever-so-slightly elevated, it won't sit on a substrate or printed circuit board and provide a leakage path.

Z50FF3LLHT High Voltage, High Temp, 5kV, Hyper-fast, Diode

Advanced Process Technology

Specially selected and targeted wafers are used to minimize voltage stresses in the diode. The selected wafers perform well under higher operating temperature extremes. 

Electrical Specifications

Operating Temperatures:  -65°C to +175°C
Storage Temperatures:  -65°C to +200°C

Vrwm = 5kV
Io = 800mA
Trr = 30ns

More Features

The Z50FF3LLHT still features formed lead diodes for higher current-carrying capacity.

Part Number Breakdown - 

  • Z50 - 5kV diode
  • FF3 - Freaking fast, 30ns, Trr
  • LL - Formed lead
  • HT - High Temp 

The Z50FF3LLHT 30ns Trr means it has a super fast reverse recovery time - less time to dissipate power during the transition from forward conduction mode to reverse voltage blocking mode.  Because the Trr is super-duper fast, that means it will operate faster than a standard recovery diode at higher temperatures, reducing the reverse power dissipation even more.    

The Z50FF3LLHT is hermetically sealed, so you don't have to worry about moisture, ESD sensitivity, or substrate leakage paths.

All in all, the Z50FF3LLHT diode is robust and sturdy. Exactly the characteristics you need for downhole or military grade applications.

Free Samples

Contact VMI for free samples, or to discuss your application.

Z50FF3LLHT Data Sheet



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