Thursday, June 18, 2015

JANTX Level Processing

Voltage Multipliers Inc. continues to manufacture several military-grade, JANTX, and JANTXV high voltage diodes in accordance with Mil-Prf-19500.

JANTXV Processing Capability

What you may not know is that VMI has the capability to process non-QPL diodes to the JANTX or JANTXV levels.  We can't certify them as JANTX/JANTXV, but they have been processed as if they were JANTX/JANTXV diodes.  The same tests, conditions, sampling plans, and read-and-record data, still apply.  

1N6525U and 1N6517US High Voltage Diodes

QPL Surface Mount Diodes
For example, the 1N6525U is a 5kV, 150mA, 70ns, surface-mount diode, and is basically a commercial device.  It can be processed to the JANTX or JANTXV level, but cannot be labeled as such.

QPL and Non-QPL Part Number Designations

In comparision, VMI is qualified to manufacture (QPL'ed) the 1N6517US (note the "S" on the end of the part number).  The part number is specified in the governing slash sheet (Mil-Prf-19500), and includes an "S" on the end.  The 1N6517US is a 5kV, 2.0A, 70ns surface-mount diode.  It can be processed to the JANTX or JANTXV level.  It's full part number would be JANTX1N6517US or JANTXV1N6517US, depending on the level of processing needed.    

Coming Soon!

VMI is pursuing qualification of the formed leaded devices and the SXF/SMF devices, so check our list of QPL devices often.  

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