Thursday, July 2, 2015

200°C, 2kV, 30ns Diode - SXF20FF3HT

SXF20FF3HT 2kV, 200°C,  Diode

Introducing VMI's latest addition to the 200°C, high temperature, high voltage diode family.
The SXF20FF3HT (HT for "High Temperature) is rated at 200°C.  It will block 2kV in the reverse direction and conduct 420mA in the forward direction.  Reverse Recovery Time (Trr) is 30ns or less.

It is the fastest recovery time, and highest current in the high temperature diode line.  If you don't need 30ns, or need a higher reverse voltage and lower forward current, two excellent choices include the SMF6531HT (3kV), and the SMF6533HT (5kV).  Both are rated for operation at 200°C.

Physical Dimensions

The SXF20FF3HT is the same size as both the SMF6531HT, and SMF6533HT.  All are less than 1/4" (6.10mm) in length.  That means you can pack a lot of voltage in a very small package.  For precise dimensions and recommended pad layout, see below.
Physical Dimenions of the SMF6533HT High Temp, High Voltage Diode

Recommended Pay Layout

The dimensions are given in inches, with mm in parentheses. 
Pad layout recommendations for SMF6531HT High Temp Diode
SMF6533HT Pad Layout

Data Sheet

For more information on the 200°C, 5kV, 50mA, 70ns, SMF6533HT diode, download the data sheet.  or contact VMI.

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