Monday, August 31, 2015

Mirror Image

As circumstance would have it, two VMI employees are simulaneously experiencing foot/leg issues, and are both required to wear 'booties'.  In the olden days, they would be wearing casts.

And, as it so happens, it's Karen S.'s birthday!  So here's a photo taken in the office of Karen S. and Brooks N., with their respective booties in place.

Speedy recovery to both of them!

Happy Birthday to Karen S., and a speedy and full recovery to her, and Brooks N.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

High Voltage Optocoupler App Note -

Every once in a while Voltage Multipliers Inc. receives an inquiry about parts being sensitive to ambient light.

One question recently was about one of the high voltage optocouplers - the OC150 family.  The OC150 family uses two LED to illuminate light-sensitive silicon junctions in high voltage diode (the photo diode).  

Glass encapsulated diodes can be sensitive to ambient light.  Just how sensitive depends on many factors - the wavelength of the light, temperature, orientation of the diode junctions, distance from the light source, thickness of the glass, and so on.

Normally it's not an issue, but when you're dealing with very low levels of leakage current, light sensitivity can be a problem.

For that reason, many VMI customers take steps to protect their optocouplers from ambient light by over potting them with an optically opaque material.  Another strategy is to coat the optocoupler with a non-conductive coating, making sure that you're not creating a leakage path that might allow the optocoupler to arc.

The OC100 and OC150 Optocouplers - 10kV and 15kV

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2016 Trade Shows

Looking ahead, Voltage Multipliers Inc. will be attending the following trade shows in 2016.

Several of our engineers and sales people will be there.  VMI representatives, and local sales reps will be available to meet with you, so be sure to look us up!  

2016 Trade Show Schedule 
Trade Show      Date  Booth  Place   
Photonics West     Feb 16-18th  4324 San Francisco, CA USA
Pittcon     March 6-10th  Atlanta, GA  USA
APEC     March 20-24th  1533 Long Beach, CA  USA
IEEE IPMHVC     July 5-10th San Francisco, CA USA 
Electronica 2016    November 2016 Germany 

Check back often.  We update the list as more information and trade shows are added.