Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Processing High Voltage SMD Diodes...Is it Possible?

VMI LogoSMF and SXF high voltage diodes are constructed using a hermetically-sealed diode over-molded with a rigid epoxy.  

The advantages of using a diode such as this is that they are easy to pick-and-place, and are cost effective.  They pack a lot of high voltage iN a small footprint.

Many diodes can be overmolded.  Some of the more popular devices include - 

SMD Part Number

Base Diode Vr Io Trr
SMF6529 1N6529 2kV 250mA 70ns
SMF6531 1N6531 3kV 100mA 70ns
SMF6533 1N6533 5kV 50mA 70ns
SXF6521 1N6521 2kV 500mA 70ns
SXF6523 1N6523 3kV 250mA 70ns
SXF6525 1N6525 5kV 150mA 70ns

High Temp Diodes

SMF6531HT 1N6531HT 3kV 100mA 70ns
SMF6533HT 1N6533HT 5kV 50mA 70ns
SXF20FF3HT X20FF3HT 2KV 420mA 30ns

High Speed Diodes

SXF20FF3 X20FF3 2kV 420mA 30ns
SMF50FF3 M50FF3 5kV 40mA 30ns
SXF50FF3 X50FF3 5kV 75mA 30ns

SMF and SXF High Voltage Diode Package

Hi-rel processing similar to JANTX type testing can be done, but there are differences.  Due to device construction, environemntal testing such as power burn-in and High Temperature Reverse Bias (HTRB) testing is done prior to encapsulation.  The diode is hermetically sealed at that point, but has not been over molded.  Once the diode is overmolded it can be electrically tested - Final Electrical, for example - but no further environmental processing is done.  

A second difference is that a custom number is assigned to the device to differentiate it from standard products.

Don't hestitate to contact us for your diode processing needs.  VMI offers a range of diode testing services, and we're more than happy to take a look at your requirements.

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