Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tom Rowan Jr., Former NASA Engineer, Has Retired

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Congratulations to Tom Rowan, former NASA Engineer, and VMI Sales Representative for many years.

Tom was recently honored by NASA.  His name will be inscribed on the "Wall of Honor" at the NASM monument in Washington D.C.

In Tom's own words, "In January of this year, I turned 75 years old, so I decided to finally retire, after 55 years of working as an engineer and marketing consultant to this Aerospace and Energy Components industry.

A week ago, I received an "Award" from the National Air and Space Museum. That certificate announced that my name would be added to the monument walls at this DC museum, in about a month or so. This documentation is in recognition of all the amazing motion control devices I invented for the aerospace controls and motion devices which were used on NASA space vehicles between 1960 -  1973.

I really appreciate this special recognition, and want to share this announcement with some of my friends and family."

Tom Rowan Jr. - NASA Mars - Viking Soil Sampler

Tom Rowan Jr., Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Wall of Honor - Tom Rowan Jr.

Congratulations to Tom Rowan, Jr. upon retiring.  Best wishes in the years to come.