Thursday, June 22, 2017

Barbara is Retiring!!!

As many of you are aware and may receive some personal messages from Barbara or have already sent your congratulations and best wishes,  Barbara Campbell (Johnson) will be retiring on June 30th .   

Barbara and Charity Walking at the VMI Track
Barbara (right) and Charity (left) making good use of VMI's new 1/4 mile track.   
Barbara has been at VMI for close to 32 years and a big part of the VMI Sales Department for most of those years.  She has been very dedicated to VMI, our customers, and all of you.  Barbara takes pride in ownership of an order, an issue, a request that was sent to her, or she was asked to handle.  Barbara’s loyalty and dependability goes without comparison, she is a take-charge person and is always willing to help.

Barbara has been a personal blessing to me as we have become good friends.  We have worked side-by-side for many years and she will be deeply missed.  

We have a great team of Representatives, and Sales support at VMI.  Margaret, Daniel, Charity ( the new kid on the block who is doing well), and I, will keep things going, yet we will be missing a part of our VMI family.

Please join all of us in wishing Barbara a new happy chapter in her life of good health, many adventures, and great memories.

Don’t be afraid to send her lots of  work related requests!  NEW ORDERS would be nice over the next week.  We're trying to make sure we get every minute out of her time left here at VMI ( ha, ha).

Thank you.

Karen Spano